How Environmentalists Really Think – and it is Scary

Well, probably not ALL of them. But watch this video over at Hot Air, and see how these loons have exposed their way of thinking. The amazing thing about this is that they actually thought this was reasonable – until they started getting the reactions from it.

Amazing. And quite frightening, actually. Apparently, they actually believe, in their heart of hearts, that it is acceptable to kill those who simply disagree with them. For the sake of carbon emission reduction, because it is “good for the planet” – an assertion that has by no means been proven unequivocally.

Humans – all of us – have the ability to rationalize almost any action to support whichever agenda we have chosen. This is where true radicalism comes from – becoming locked in to a way of thought to the point that you lose your basic humanity, as these people have done. And as other terrorists have done, of whatever ilk. Morality is learned behavior – there is no such thing as built-in morality.

It is wise to reexamine your belief system, every once in a while, and make sure you haven’t drifted into the realm of the ugly.

We should choose our thoughts carefully, and wisely if we can. Each of us. Avoid group-think. Select your morality, and stick to it. The Golden Rule is a good place to start – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”. Even if you aren’t a Christian, this is a good way to live.

Your average Nazi storm trooper, after all, was just going with the flow. Think! That is why God gave you a brain!


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