Liberals In Management

This article is pretty interesting over at Hot Air. I have noted in the past that Barney Frank and his buddies were reputed to be in the heart of the financial collapse, and this quote says it all:

Barney Frank’s role in causing the subprime mortgage crisis, for example, is perfectly clear. He lied extravagantly to protect Fannie Mae from oversight, both for ideological reasons, and for the financial benefit of his boyfriend Herb Moses, a Fannie Mae executive. The financial system of the entire planet nearly collapsed as a result. [ emphasis mine ]

Think about that for a minute. Let it sink in.

Barney Frank is still on the job in Washington.

This is the quality of Democratic leadership these days.

Every chance we get, we need to pick our representatives and senators, and presidential candidates very carefully. And, based on their record first, and what they promise, last. And sad to say, independent of their political party – that is no longer a trustworthy guide.

VOTE in November- and Remember!


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