Tax Cuts?

I’d like to point out that the debate about extending the Bush tax cuts is not about giving us a tax cut; it’s about NOT giving us a tax increase. The Democrats talk about how extending the tax cuts will “cost the government” a lot of money. Bud, that’s OUR money, not the government’s.

Many of us are barely holding our own. I just found out our property taxes are going up, where I live. If the Democrats force through (another) tax increase, it is going to be a problem for me personally, to the tune of about $3000 next year according to one article I read, at my income level.

Now they want to push the vote on extending the tax cuts to after the November election; at that point, the Democrats will still have control of the House and Senate for a couple of months, and won’t have anything to lose by making sure the tax cuts are not extended. And they want that money. And to get it, all they have to do, in the lame duck session, is … nothing. Because the Republicans won’t take control (assuming they win) until after the tax cuts expire.

The Democrats spend profligately, wastefully and foolishly, for little gain, then want to tax us more. Vote against them in November!


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