Why Do I Write So Much About Politics?

Why do I write about politics so much? (2)

Well, frankly, it is because I have come to understand how the actions of a few hundreds of selfish, greedy politicians in Washington can do great harm to our country and our people. My impulse to write on these subjects is the exact same impulse a moral person might feel in trying to warn a sleep walker who is running towards the edge of a cliff.

Simply put, this country can be destroyed by radical ideology. Radical ideology is being applied; I want it to stop. It is hurting people, and it is going to hurt a lot more if we don’t get it stopped. And, it may already be too late to undo all the damage which has already been inflicted. We are a huge crowd, running towards that cliff, and half of us are asleep!

I have only two tools at hand; my vote, and my blog. So I say to you – Wake Up!

My philosophy is, both instinctively and with the application of reason, conservative. I do not subscribe wholeheartedly to any political party, but I tend to vote Republican generally because, from the available choices, they often align with my thinking – at least officially. The Tea Party may be a closer match, however; they don’t have the entrenched career politicians who have come to think that the ‘cause’ is the GOP, rather than conservative values.

It’s the values, not the party, that matters. Also, not what they say – what they do.

I am a Christian, first. My God tells me that it is right to be generous to the poor; but also that stealing (3) from anybody, even to give to the poor, is a sin. This is one fundamental belief set that conflicts strongly with the liberal view of things espoused by the current administration – they don’t see taxing the rich at gunpoint (1) for the purpose of paying for social programs to benefit the poor as being wrong.

Likewise, I am fiscally conservative. I believe that one should check his bank balance before writing a check. Life has taught me that profligate use of a credit card invariably results in pain, ultimately. Again, this is a belief set that contrasts strongly with the philosophy currently in practice in Washington.

I don’t like intrusive, expensive, big government. I don’t need a law that governs the size of the tank on my toilet, or the type of light bulbs I can buy. Government should stick to things appropriate to government – such as foreign policy, requiring consistent traffic laws, maintaining a military, and controlling our borders.

There are many other aspects of my beliefs that cause me to cry out in disgust or alarm at current events. Dishonesty, greed, racism, profligate spending, elitism, giving false witness, playing dirty, law-breaking; many behaviors exhibited by our congress-people disgust me. I saw a higher level of morality in the fourth grade than many of these people display. I’m against legislating from the judge’s bench. I am pro-Constitution – including the Second Amendment.

Yet, I am not a hater. I don’t even hate Obama; I am sure he is doing what he believes is right, just as I would do in his place. It is important not to hate; hate is a soul-destroyer, inflicting more damage on the hater than the hated. I don’t hate the snake that tries to bite me; however, I do dispassionately make sure it can’t do it again.

I do my best to rely on facts rather than propaganda as the basis for all of my blog entries. I do my own interpretation of events, and apply logic and my own ethical viewpoint to everything, and I present it here for whoever may be interested. It takes a fair bit of time, and I hope it is not wasted; but I persist, because as I said above, it’s all I know to do to improve things, other than vote; and encourage you to vote, too.


(1) If you don’t think it is “at gunpoint”, try not paying your taxes. Eventually, somebody with a gun will show up.
(2) If you want to read my non-political blog, it is at Popgun’s Notebooks.
(3) Taking without permission is stealing. Taxation is a grey area – we have to do it since some won’t otherwise pay their fair share; but when that money is put to unethical or unnecessary use (i.e. giving to charity of someone else’s selection, or to pay for abortions) – that money was taken without my permission.

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