Democrats Want Higher Taxes

By policy, Democrats crave higher taxes. They want more of your pie, so they can slice it up and give it their cronies, and attempt to leverage the next election by hand-outs to their constituents.

The only reason the Democrats are even considering extended the Bush Tax Cuts is because of the coming elections. They have spent like a drunken sailor on an unlimited credit card, and they lust for more of our money to fund their excesses. But as a policy, the Democrats always go for higher taxes. That is why they are known as “tax and spend liberals”.

Remember that.

Now Obama and the Democrats are talking about extending the tax cuts for the middle class. Does anyone care to bet whether this would even be under discussion if there was not an impending election? Even though by policy they want higher taxes, they will use whichever strategy they think will keep them in power.

I am all in favor of extending the Bush Tax Cuts indefinitely, regardless of who implements the extension – but I will still vote conservative, preferably Tea Party, because I want smaller government and way less government spending to go with it – things that will never come from Democrats. I’ve absolutely had it with intrusive big government – which is Obama’s vision.

Rather than tax us more, I want to slash the size of the government, and it’s spending. Boot out all those high-salary parasites working for the government!

According to this article, my personal taxes will increase something over $3000 next year if the Bush Tax Cuts are not extended. Folks, regardless of how the Democrats and liberals phrase it, that is a tax hike – and a significant one. That is going to be a serious blow to me personally, and probably you, too.

Those numbers do NOT include the increased cost of health care; nor do they account for the incredible costs that will be invoked if the Democrats pass Cap and Trade, which they have promised to do if they are still in power.

Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the Democrats and Liberals, if they continue, are going to push millions who are just stable in their budget over the edge into insolvency. I may be one of them. These – people – are getting set up to hurt me and my family; and I take it very personally.

Have you noticed that Obama wants to rename the Bush Tax Cuts to something like “Obama’s Tax Cuts for the Middle Class”. Obama simply can’t stand for something good to have Bush’s name on it. What a loser!


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