Tea Party Wins

There are several primary races wherein a Tea Party endorsed candidate has unexpectedly beat out a GOP candidate. The GOP is miffed about it all, and has announced in the case of the selection of Christine O’Donnell by Delaware Republicans that they will not help fund her campaign.

The GOP had better understand a couple of things, and quickly.

  1. It is better from our perspective, for a conservative to win than a liberal; even if it isn’t your conservative.
  2. The electorate is almost as ticked off at the GOP as it is at the Democrats.

If the GOP wants to win in the coming elections, it had better embrace the Tea Party rather than spurning it – or the Democrats are going to stay in control.

If the GOP allows this to happen, they are history. And incredibly stupid, as well.

Addendum: How about that? The GOP developed a brain, overnight. Good for them, there may be hope, after all.


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One Response to Tea Party Wins

  1. Terry says:

    What does a ‘party’ make anyway? isn’t it just a ‘faction’ group that has developed a consensus of ideas? There are ‘factions’ in any group; even in the church. There are always those whose intent is to ‘run things.’ In a Democracy, there are gobs of ‘factions’, but all in all, they all vote for the bigger faction where compromise is principled.

    Yep, the big, wild elephant in the room, just realized the room got bigger and he ain’t so big anymore. What it boils down to is independence and freedom, even in the vote. Republicans, or Democrats didn’t elect Christine, but individuals cast an independent vote. . .even though she was running on the Elephant ticket. Conservative thinking individuals, beat back something bigger than themselves. Finally, people are waking up.

    The Tea Party is really having a party.. . Look out DC, the conservative trainers are coming .. . .Coming to tame the Jackasses and the Elephants .. .

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