Burning the Koran

I think it is wrong for that preacher to have a “burn the Koran day”. Not because I believe the Koran is, in reality, a holy book, but because it is bad manners to trample other people’s beliefs like that. For the record, I am a Christian, and Terry Jones and his church do not represent me or my God.

Having stated my policy, I will note that it is not un-heard-of for Muslims to burn Bibles. Here is one example a casual Google search turned up.

We need to all calm down and quit dissing each other’s religion. There are sincere, honest Muslims just as there are sincere, honest Christians. There are also nut cases on both sides. We all need to ignore the nut cases; which is hard, as they are the ones that get all the press. I had never heard of the Rev. Terry Jones – and I probably never would have if he wasn’t stirring up trouble to get on the news. And maybe that is what he is after.

Footnote: This implies that watching the news is a good way to be misinformed. The world is big enough that there are always nut-cases and disaster somewhere. We need to remember that on average, the world is a fairly calm and peaceful place.


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