Obama’s Revised Policies

All of a sudden, Obama is making noise about being nice to business. I find a few things about this interesting:

First, it is, in effect, an admission that his tactics regarding job creation and the economy have failed.

Second, it is clear from the timing that Obama has been driven to this in order to try to save some Democratic seats in Congress. In other words, it is driven purely by politics instead of any sort of planning or thinking about solving the problems.

Third, it has to be approved by Congress – almost certainly after the elections in November. If the Democrats remain in control, do you think it will pass?

Why has this administration waited nearly two years to take any pro-business action? Every action they’ve taken prior to this has punished business to fund their liberal wealth distribution agenda.

Their hearts have not changed. Their minds have not changed. They are simply trying to stay in control, and if they succeed, they will go right back to their anti-business, pro-socialist agenda. Don’t be fooled!


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