What’s the Difference?

Have you noticed? The Tea Party and conservatives seem to have the mantle of being patriotic – and the liberals and Democrats – don’t.

This is my general perception from watching the news and the web. You see somebody waving an American flag – 8 chances out of 10 it’s a conservative.

Obama wouldn’t even wear a U.S. flag pin during most of the 2008 campaign – and I don’t see any reason for this other than that he is ashamed of it. Which goes hand-in-hand with his ‘apology tour’ to foreign leaders. Obama must be the most unpatriotic POTUS we’ve ever had. To the point that many of us wonder if he is really on our side!

Liberals generally don’t want the Pledge of Allegiance in schools; and they try to reject any form of Christian religion – anywhere. Liberals want “In God We Trust” removed from our coinage. They turn away from God – which is fine for them if they want to; but they want the rest of us to go with them, and that is not only wrong, it is dangerous.

Liberals typically are pro-abortion (baby murder), for no better reason than the convenience of the mother; conservatives are typically pro-life, and have a sense of responsibility for their actions. Millions of viable babies have been murdered, forever changing the dynamic of this country, and what could have been had they been allowed to grow up. I personally don’t see much difference between this and the Aztec civilizations that performed human sacrifice.

Obama and the liberals and Democrats have applied Keynesian economic theory to fix our economy. It’s never worked before, and it’s not working now. Yet the best they can come up with at this point is “it’s Bush’s fault!” – how lame! This administration views business as evil oppressors, rather than as sources of jobs, and it shows in their policies. Whereas, conservatives understand that we should not be spending money we don’t have; that economic growth comes from relieving business of excessive taxation and red tape, so that businesses can make more profits and thus expand operations, in turn hiring more employees. The concept seems simple enough.

Obama, liberals and Democrats believe the government should control our health care, including telling us how much we are allowed to have – so they can control that portion of the economy. Conservatives don’t see that the government has any particular reason to be involved.

Obama, liberals and Democrats are statists – they believe the government should control everything, and citizens should control nothing. Conservatives, Tea Party members, and most Republicans think most of us are grown-up enough to run our own lives with only minimal government interference. Personally, I’m in favor of maximum personal freedom, so long as other’s rights are respected. I don’t need or want the government in my business.

Obama, liberals, and Democrats believe in involuntary redistribution of wealth – that is, take from the rich and give to the unions the poor. To me, giving to the poor might be a good thing, but taking that wealth at gun point is stealing, plain and simple. (And if you don’t think it’s at gun point – try refusing to pay your taxes. It may take a while, but eventually people with guns will show up.) ALL charity should be voluntary.

The Tea Party, and conservatives, want to keep doing what made this country great, whereas Obama and other Democrats and Liberals are trying to turn us into a copy of Europe.

It makes me wonder why anybody would want to be a liberal. They are just – wrong – on so many fronts.


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