Obama Change Course?

The GOP is pressing Obama to change course, what with the current economic and jobs news. And Obama really should truly (as opposed to apparently) change course, since it is now glaringly obvious that his policies have almost universally failed.

But he won’t do it. Why? Because it would be political suicide, if he changes course, now that the GOP has called him on it. Even though changing course is the eminently logical thing to do, it will look like he folded to the Republicans. It would also violate the matrix of his personal convictions about how the economic system works – he believes in Keynesian economics and redistribution of wealth the way some of us believe in gravity. And finally, it would be admitting that he has been clueless his entire adult life.

It’s not just the Keynesian economics, either – Obama is also the most rabidly anti-business POTUS we’ve ever had. The economy is not recovering partly because Obama is doing everything he can to hurt business – and business is the generator of jobs and wealth. Obama is beating the cow, and complaining about the lack of milk. Idiot.

So he won’t do the correct and logical thing to save our country from his own policies. And so we have to vote him out at the earliest opportunity – before it really is too late.


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