Two Faced!

Now the liberal left and the NAACP is forming an organization with the goal of proving the Tea Party sponsors racism and violence.

Because so far they haven’t found any. Not one case, that wasn’t a plant – by unscrupulous liberals.

The liberal left can’t seem to face their own violence, hatred and bigotry; and you don’t have to look hard to find it. Verbally, the vitriol spewed at President Bush, and at Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign. The black man selling souvenirs, who was beat up (on camera) by the SEIU thugs. Liberals egging a bus that had Tea Party members in it. These are incidents I remember off the top of my head without the need to go do any research.

Those guys need to just give it up, and grow up. The Tea Party has uniformly demonstrated more maturity and more peaceful gatherings than the left has ever managed. For that matter, the Tea Party is even cleaner – did you see the pictures of the National Mall after Obama’s inauguration, as compared to after Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally?

The common thread of the Tea Party members is that they love our country and want to bring back honesty and honor, and responsible economics. The common thread of the liberal left is that they don’t – they want to turn this country into something else; something ugly.

And it’s driving the liberal left crazy – because they know in their hearts that the Tea Party has the high ground.


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