Book Report

First, a disclaimer; I’m not quite through with it yet. By Ayn Rand, it is “Capitalism – The Unknown Ideal”.

Published in 1986, this book is a series of essays by Ayn Rand and others, relating – obviously – to capitalism. It is the most clear, logical explanation of the principles behind capitalism that I have ever seen.

That sounds pretty dry, even to me; but the concepts she describes fit so incredibly well with my own philosophy of small government, maximum personal freedom, and personal responsibility, that I am just blown away by how right it feels. She also makes a good case that capitalism has never failed – except when the government gets involved. As we are seeing even now.

It also sheds a great deal of light on current events – the things the Obama administration is trying to do, and where their philosophical roots are. And it ain’t capitalism. Socialism – where wealth is taken at gun point (via taxation) to give to those that have not earned it – is morally wrong and economically unsupportable.

Ayn Rand’s essays are so dense with meaning that I am having to read and highlight as I go along, and stop and absorb what I have read every few pages, so it is taking me a while to finish this one. But so far, it has 100% made perfect sense to me.

I’m beginning to think Ayn Rand was psychic. In this and her other books such as “Atlas Shrugged”, she accurately predicted current events with amazing clarity, decades ago.

VERY highly recommended.


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  1. Harry Binswanger says:

    As a professional (and Objectivist) philosopher, I couldn’t agree more. The only thing that puzzles me is why most everyone doesn’t have your reaction. Actually, your reaction says something very good about your method of thinking–what Rand called your “psycho-epistemology.”

    I trust you will go on to read her other non-fiction. Also don’t miss Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, which is the definitive, systematic treatment of the whole philosophy, from metaphysics through the philosophy of art.

    • popgun says:

      Hi, Harry;

      Thanks for stopping by. I actually do have a copy of one of her books on Objectivism; it’s next…


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