“By their fruits ye shall know them” – Matthew 7:20

“By their fruits ye shall know them” – Matthew 7:20

In fact, Matthew 7:15-20 pretty much applies.

So what are the “fruits” of Obama and his Democrat cronies?

There are so many levels on which Obama is wrong-headed that it is actually pretty amazing.

He announces what he calls the successful end of military action in Iraq – in which he followed President Bush’s plan exactly – without once giving any credit to Bush for the fact that the surge worked. Not a word. Of course, Obama actively opposed the surge, so this may be because of embarrassment. But it’s a small man who cannot bring himself to award credit where it is due, even to someone he disagrees with.

“Total mentions of Bush: zero. Total mentions of victory: zero. Total mentions of “I” in speech: six, including the three in the excerpt above.”

Obama never once used the word ‘victory’ in reference to Iraq. Well, fair enough – because, for political reasons, Obama is pulling out too soon, what with him being a big one for timetables and everything. The Iraqis do not yet have their government and military in place to defend their country. What do you think is going to happen when we pull out? Not victory…

Timetables are useful information – for your enemies, when you publish them. No question about that.

Obama bows to our enemies and apologizes to them. Unbelievable – except that he did it, and has continued to do it. And he thinks this is the right thing to do!

Obama embraces Keynesian economics; he has proven again that they don’t work, but he won’t turn away to find what does work. His bailouts cost more than the entire Iraq war – and was mostly a waste of money we don’t have.

At the same time, you hear Democrats talking about extending the Bush tax cuts. Why do you hear them talking about that? Because they know that they are good for the economy and job creation! How embarrassing that must be!

Obama is directly responsible for spending the U.S. into oblivion – and we’re nearly there.

Obama refuses to defend our border against an invasion of foreign nationals. For this alone, he should be impeached.

Obama voted present on the Gulf Oil Spill. His actions were late, ineffective, and often obstructive.

Obama picks and chooses which laws to enforce. This also should result in impeachment.

Obama’s Justice Department picks and chooses which cases to prosecute, depending on the skin color / political affiliation of the defendants. With Obama’s blessing, apparently. This is blatant Obama-endorsed racism – unless your definition of racism only includes racism against black people. In this way, Obama promotes racism.

I have seen no sign at any time that Obama has, ever in his life, demonstrated anything resembling patriotism for this country. Shucks, during a large part of his campaign he wouldn’t even wear a flag pin; he made a big deal about -not- wearing it.

Obama’s acts have consistently been detrimental to the welfare of the United States of America.

“By their fruits ye shall know them.”


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