What we have here is Obama floundering on the economy – and still trying to blame Republicans, even though Democrats have owned the whole show for almost two years and Congress for four years.

What a loser. Obama is unable to admit that his Keynesian economics have failed and switch to a tactic that is actually known to work.

A logical, rational person would examine his precepts and adopt a different strategy. Unfortunately, Obama is an ideologue who will never admit that his ideas are wrong; and that’s what makes him so dangerous.

This is the difference between academia and the real world. Theory is great in it’s place, but a pound of “go and see” is worth a ton of theory. Obama is a college professor who has attempted to inflict on the real world the theories that his left-wing radical professors taught him. It’s hardly a surprise that it failed.

Unfortunately, he is enthusiastically leading us all over a cliff…. and he wonders why the Republicans and other conservatives have been dragging their feet.

The Democrats love to call the Republicans the “party of NO”; what they completely miss is that sometimes NO is the correct answer!


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