Delusion, and Illusion

We are beginning to witness a perfect example of what happens when an ideology which is not in touch with reality is put into practice.

Obama’s economic strategy might have worked, if the U.S. had trillions of dollars in the bank at the beginning, that we could throw at it. It will fail specifically because the Democrats have borrowed all that money. You cannot be economically viable while running up huge amounts of debt.

What we have seen is the illusion of robust finances that is projected by someone living off of credit cards. That illusion is showing a few cracks, now, and it’s total collapse is imminent.

Unemployment is way too high, and, I’m sorry to say, “green” jobs will not fill the gap, no matter how much money you throw at them.

The Democrats passed Obamacare, which is rejected by 70% of the population, who are not as stupid as the Democrats think.

The administration’s handling of illegal immigration is so screwed up as to be unbelievable; and the most salient point is this administration’s blatant refusal to enforce our own laws, and abject failure to protect our own citizens, which should get Obama impeached.

All as the Obamas vacation about every three weeks, it seems like.

And many, many more.

All of these decisions have been driven by far left-wing redistributionist ideology, which is rejected by the majority – mostly because it does not work, is not sustainable, and will be a very, very expensive failure.

And it is Obama’s delusion that it will all somehow work, in the face of all available data which clearly shows that it will not. And that delusion is serious trouble for all the citizens of this country, because he seems to be unable to pull back and re-think it all. He is blinded by his ideology, and simply does not seem to be able to understand that it is not a successful ideology.

Capitalism, however, is a tried-and-true ideology that does work, and has historically done very well for this country. We need to get back to what works. Soon.


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