Wow. 8% of Babies Born in the U.S. are to Illegal Immigrants

I’ve seen this several places that I trust as sources, now, so it’s legitimate. Other links: here, here, and here.

8% of all babies born in the U.S. (in 2008) were born to illegal aliens.

How many of them do you suppose come here and actually pay for their medical care? (Hint: NONE).

Do you think that just possibly these people are gaming the system in the U.S., specifically to get free medical care and the benefits of U.S. citizenship?

Do you think this does not have a significant impact on health care costs in the U.S.?

IF YOU THINK THIS IS A GOOD THING, you are either an illegal alien or an idiot.

Originally, I wasn’t too sure about a constitutional amendment revision to take care of this problem, but now that I’ve seen this data, I’m very much in favor of fixing it permanently.

One of the ways to stem the tide of illegal aliens is to remove the profit of coming here. It turns out that there are three draws: 1) come here to have your baby; 2) come here for a job; or 3) come here to run drugs. I don’t have hard numbers, but I bet if we take care of #1 and #2, we’ll reduce the problem to something our normal police forces can handle. And we can do both of these things legislatively – if we’ve got the guts (and integrity, in the case of Democrats, who see illegals as good little Democrats who will vote for them).


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2 Responses to Wow. 8% of Babies Born in the U.S. are to Illegal Immigrants

  1. Paul Hinman says:

    Pop, I couldn’t agree with you , more.

    On point number one, true, illegals have found a loop hole in our laws, and it is being used to raise a generation of U.S. citizens fostering illegal family members, at the expense of legal taxpayers. It may take changing our current amendment, but I am concerned about opening that door to an administration who has openly expressed the belief that our constitution should be viewed as a document that can be changed to fit the current culture, whatever it is.
    I believe our three founding documents were forged by God fearing men who diligently sought their Maker’s direction through much prayer and fasting. No, those documents weren’t inspired in the sense that the Bible was, but I think God has both prospered and chastened this country in accordance with how closely we adhered to, or abandoned the principles contained within them.
    A possible solution might be to send the entire family back across the border with the baby, until such time as the American born immigrant can return as in independent citizen. He can then seek legal employment, and can contribute to our society, and not penalize other legal citizens by forcing us to bear the financial responsibility of supporting people who entered our country in complete defiance of our laws.
    On point number two, the argument has been raised that illegals are only trying to earn a living for their families. As noble as that sounds, millions of Latinos are earning a living in their native country, and contributing to it’s economy, without violating national laws in the process.
    But the reality is that about twelve million have decided to criminalize themselves by circumventing America’s legal process for citizenship, and crossing over without an invitation. There is also a process for gaining temporary work visas that would be both legal and welcome.
    The solution to this problem, I believe, is not that complicated, don’t hire anyone who cannot produce citizenship papers, or a legal work visa. The fault here lies at our own feet. If there were not Americans here who were willing to hire illegals, they would have to leave or quit eating.
    The reason we can’t get legislation to enforce our borders, is twofold. Too many businesses are willing to hire illegals because they are willing to work cheaper than Americans, and they hold the political prospect to plunge this nation into a socialist state.
    Concerning the drug problem, we can refer to point number two. If there were no market for drugs, there would not be a drug problem. Where you have no buyers, you have no one willing to sell. That may sound like oversimplification, but it’s true.
    Baby boomers, of whom I am one, have spanned a generation of self indulgent children, ripe for the lure of escapism. No matter how good a job you may (or may not) do to stem the flow of drugs across our borders, if you don’t eliminate the cause, you will have to live with the effect.

    • Popgun says:

      Hi, Paul;
      I agree with you about the risk of letting this administration dink with the Constitution – but they won’t do it, in any case. They WANT illegal aliens here because they believe they will always vote Democrat. Even if they did, though, it still has to be approved by 3/4 of the states, so there would be plenty of opportunity to scrutinize the wording.

      Sending the family back until the baby is grown would not reduce the attraction of illegal invasion much, considering that virtually all of the costs of the births are free to the parents and at our expense; and they’d still have a child with citizenship in your scenario.

      I agree with you 100% about controlling hiring of illegals, but even that would not be effective for cash payment type employment. But making it illegal to hire aliens would definitely help.

      And the drug problem simply isn’t going away, short of draconian measures. Odd coming from me, with my strong bias against anything that affects the ability to think, but logically speaking if you want to eliminate the “drug war”, the only way I see to do it is to legalize it, regulate it, and tax it. And then make it a hanging offense to harm another person while inebriated, even on a first offense.


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