Mosque at Ground Zero?

Regarding the possibility of putting a mosque near Ground Zero in New York – I see two ways to look at it.

If you believe in absolute equality of religions (1), then Muslims have as much right to put a mosque there as any Christian church has a right to do the same. In terms of legal rights, I generally believe in this sort of equality.

However, in this particular case, I see the desire to put a mosque there as a deliberate slap in the face to the American people. The people who want this mosque could easily select another site, a few miles away, with zero impact to the legal purposes to which they want to put it, and without any significant inconvenience. No problem, end of controversy. The fact that they are insisting on this location is an affront to everyone hurt on 9/11, both directly and indirectly; and that pretty much includes everyone in the United States, except for those slimy traitors who cheer for the other side.

It is an affront, specifically because all of the terrorists on 9/11 were Islamic terrorists; and Muslims danced in the streets in foreign lands following 9/11; because Muslims have not as a group repudiated the terrorists; and because the organizers of this push to put this mosque at that location simply don’t have to do it. They could easily pick a less controversial location. Many, including me, perceive this as the Muslims as wanting to rub our collective noses in it. Well, I don’t have to like it, and I don’t.

If the Muslims want to have our good opinion, they had damned well better re-think this one. Because regardless of what the actual intent of their heart is, that’s what it looks like to most of us.

Think about this. If Faisal Shahzad, yet another Islamic terrorist, had succeeded in setting off that bomb on Times Square, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

I’m not particularly prejudiced against Muslims. But that’s how I see this situation.

As a footnote, I should mention that the entire purpose of this blog is to let anybody interested know how the world looks to me, a country boy in East Texas; I tell it like I see it. Your mileage may vary. But I do think my view on this subject is pretty mainstream around here.

Addendum: Looks like some Muslims are good enough to admit that this is indeed an intentional provocation….


(1) If you believe in a religion, by definition you don’t believe in absolute equality of religions – or you wouldn’t have picked yours. I am an unabashed Christian, and that’s the one for me.

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