Liberal Tilt

I was watching a Democratic strategist on the news last night; she was proclaiming that the GOP is now controlled by the Tea Party. That’s their new party line. Why are they promoting this idea?

Some observations:

First the liberals and Democrats tried their best to paint the Tea Party as white racist bigoted red-necks. For anybody with an ounce of brains, and eyes, they failed, but they still cling to this deception. See this article by Ann Coulter, which does an excellent job of clarifying this.

It’s like they’re trying to say a duck is a cat, and they figure that if they keep saying it enough, everybody will believe it. Idiots. They are just as out of touch with reality as Obama is with his talk of us “clinging to our Bibles and guns”. He was so far out of touch with that statement that he didn’t even understand how people would take it. Especially those of us with Bibles and guns.

I’ve been to a Tea Party meeting, and they are some of the nicest, most well-behaved people I’ve seen, contrary to what the main-stream media want you to think. One ounce of “go and see” is worth 1000 gallons of “watch the main stream media”.

Now liberals are trying to tie the GOP and the Tea Party together, as if that is a bad thing. They think this will cause those who see the Tea Party as a radical fringe to shy away from voting conservative. What the liberals are missing is that most of America understands that the Tea Party is far from being a radical fringe; instead, the Tea Party is the center; it represents the fundamentals of this country better than any other political entity at present. AND, based on polling data, I believe far more people align with the Tea Party than is presently obvious.

Back to this Democratic strategist; this whole attempt to misrepresent the GOP and the Tea Party simultaneously is a transparent attempt to drive voters away from both of them. Like other liberal strategies, this deception will fail, and here is the reason why:

After the election of Barack Obama, which taught me (and many others) about deception in elections, if I’ve learned anything at all it is that I will never again vote just by party line. I intend to fully examine every single candidate for every position I can vote on, and then I am going to vote for those that represent my beliefs and interests. Therefore, mind games such as those this political strategist is playing simply won’t have any affect on my votes.

So, Democrat Strategist – don’t waste your time. From now on, I’m reading the fine print.


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