Manipulation on a Scary Scale

By now you may have heard of the Journolist issue. 1, 2. This was a news group wherein a large number of liberal news media, including many big names from the main stream media, loosely coordinated efforts to control the delivery of news, largely to affect the 2008 elections. Subjects included attacking Sarah Palin, Fox News, and suppressing stories about the ‘Reverend’ Jeremiah Wright. And also, labeling various conservatives as racist (3).

The clear intent of this group was to control how the news was disseminated in an effort to promote liberal bias in the election.

Symptoms included the vicious blitz of Sarah Palin which, at the time, seemed way over the top; and simultaneously a queer lack of interest in Obama’s background, among others. At the time, these two things really puzzled me; I thought it was very odd. I had also noticed that it was almost 100% liberals who played the racist card, so far as I could see. Now we know that we were all being manipulated by a bunch of media people with a common objective.

These efforts almost certainly affected the outcome of the 2008 election, in a major way.

Folks, this cannot be allowed to stand. This is a big deal. This is contrary to everything that is right about this country. The freedom to make a choice relies on accurate, truthful information, without which it is impossible to choose wisely. The right to vote does you no good if you are operating on false information.

We need to blackball every member of the Journolist listserv. For such manipulation, they should be up on criminal charges for fraud. These people may have altered the course of history with their lies and distortions, and they deserve our utter condemnation and contempt. Especially as journalists, who we have in the past trusted to deal in the truth.

And we need to be extremely vigilant against it happening again.

Our very freedom is on the line.


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