Beware of Strong Drink…

“Beware of Strong Drink – it can make you shoot at tax collectors – and miss!”

I am certain this is a quote from one of Robert A. Heinlein’s characters, probably Lazarus Long of “Time Enough for Love”. For some reason this has stayed with me. I first read that book in the early ’70s, and many times since then. Recommended reading, but be prepared to have your assumptions and values challenged.

I really like Heinlein’s sardonic sense of humor. I would never actually shoot at a tax collector, of course. But Heinlein gets his point across, doesn’t he?

It is going to be relevant, soon. Taxes are going up, under Democrat control; just as the economy sucks and many of us are just getting by, the Democrats are raising all sorts of taxes that will filter down to the population and make life harder; particularly for those who are just borderline making it, now. Democrats have this silly idea that if they raise taxes on a company, or a wealthy individual, this won’t affect us poor people. This idea is patently false; companies pass those costs on to their customers. Which is us.

Of course, the Democrats actually do know this; they just think that doing it that way allows them to say with a straight face that they aren’t raising our taxes. From where I sit, it seems that they are deceptive in almost everything they do.

So much for “no new taxes on people making less than $250,000 a year – not one dime” Obama. Liar. I knew he was lying when he said it, but I had hopes that I was wrong. Unfortunately, Obama is performing almost exactly as I thought he would; and here we go! More taxes.


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