Freedom of Information?

Obama’s administration has apparently been filtering what information was made available under the Freedom of Information Act according to political considerations. According to the article, they even did some sort of investigation on those who made FOIA requests.

That’s bad enough, but the thing that really bothers me is that Obama’s people are OK with this sort of thing. That is a big step on the way to tyranny, when information is denied based on the political inclinations of the requestor.

We have already seen tendencies to silence news media that is sometimes critical of Obama’s administration – remember when Obama did not want to allow Fox News to interview administration members, in a blatant attempt to influence the tone of reporting. The reaction to this situation caused the administration to reverse course on this subject. But they did try.

And we have seen a movement within the administration to pass Fairness Doctrine laws (or FCC rules amounting to the same thing), which would, in effect, shut down conservative talk radio and similar sources.

And Obama’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, is OK with banning books in certain circumstances.

There is even a left-wing movement to rewrite history in our classrooms.

The tone of Obama’s administration in regards to these things disturbs me. They clearly want to control the flow of information to the public (and others); and any such government control is just a step away from outright dictatorship.

After all, of what worth is the right to vote, if the government controls the information you use to make your supposedly informed decisions?


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