Obama, Lies, and Unemployment Benefits

Obama is pushing for a big unemployment benefit extension bill, claiming that Republicans are blocking it. Given the number of people that need these benefits, this is a pretty hefty thing to say.

In reality, the Republicans are all for passing this bill – if Obama will KEEP HIS WORD on the Pay As You Go Bill. This new expenditure should be balanced by an equal cut elsewhere in Federal spending. But of course, Obama would rather use this as an opportunity to bash Republicans, then do what it takes to pass the bill.

Obama is using the needs of the unemployed to play politics, when he could have this passed tomorrow – if he just cuts federal expenditures by a like amount, somewhere else. As he said he would.

I don’t have much respect for Obama’s sense of honor. He tells you one thing this week, and next week he’s doing something else. It’s not at all hard to think of examples. Obama will do what is politically expedient, no matter what promises he breaks in the process.

In short, he is a cheap politician, with no sense of honor, and whose word is worth nothing.


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