We, and Us

I just watched part of Obama’s speech about BP’s success in capping the gusher on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. I noticed, as he spoke about it, he kept using the words ‘we’ and ‘us’, as if his administration had anything to do with it.

BP successfully capped the well. Obama’s administration did little more than sit back and watch; to be fair, that’s really all they could do – the Federal Government has no particular technology or know-how that applied to this work.

I think Obama has his reality-distortion field turned up to high, when it comes to his speaking as if he had done something. He came just short of actually claiming credit for it.

Meanwhile, kudos to BP for finally solving an extremely difficult – even, unprecedented – engineering and logistics problem. Now maybe efforts to clean up the mess can proceed since more new oil will not be added to the burden of clean-up.


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