NAACP Accuses Tea Party of Racism

The NAACP, an organization composed mostly of blacks, and dedicated specifically to the benefit of blacks, is calling the Tea Party racist.

That’s rich, that is. The Tea Party has no racial agenda.

The NAACP, by definition, is itself racist. It is designed to benefit one racial group. That is racist no matter how you slice it.

This entire event is just the ultimate culmination of the Democrat’s propaganda point that anybody that doesn’t like Obama’s policies must be racist, just because Obama is black. Personally, I don’t like Obama’s policies because they hurt (or will hurt) the people of the U.S., lots. I couldn’t care less what color Obama is; it’s irrelevant, as far as I am concerned.

Now, real racism should always be condemned, wherever it is found. Some blacks are just as guilty of racism as some whites. If the NAACP has any integrity at all, it will condemn black racism just as much as it will condemn white racism. But in any such case, no accusation should ever be made without proof. It is far too easy to smear the innocent as racist, especially when the accusation is by unscrupulous people driven by politics, as is happening in this case of the NAACP accusing the Tea Party – without one single shred of evidence to support it. And as happened in the earlier case during the health care debate when Nancy Pelosi and others tried to incite a racist response from Tea Party demonstrators – totally failed – and then claimed it happened anyway, even in the face of hundreds of cameras that prove it did not.

One more observation: Every single one of the people who frequently play the racism card – has something to gain from it. These are not victims of racism claiming racism. These are the NAACP, a pro-black organization that is becoming less and less relevant; and people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others – who either make their living hawking claims of racism, or use it for political purposes, as in the specific cases mentioned above.

When politicians or political organizations like the NAACP claim racism – look to see who benefits from the complaint. If you are dumb enough to just automatically get mad over this sort of thing, you are being manipulated. Transparently.

And, finally; the race card is almost always wielded by liberals. Why? Because they think most black people think conservatives are racists, and they want to manipulate the black population to vote Democrat. Blacks, take note: you are being manipulated by the Democrats.

It is all a game of political manipulation. It has almost no bearing on real racism, any more.

(updated Wed, Jul 14, 2010 07:39 PM)

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