Happy Independence Day!

A long time ago, our forefathers tried something new. They set up a new system of government which is based on trusting the people to manage their own affairs, including participation in their own governance. And it was, and is, a great success.

On average, the people of the United States have enjoyed the most personal freedom, and the most personal wealth, available on this planet to date. This is a direct result of the system of limited government, capitalism, and maximum personal freedom which was implemented by our forefathers.

The limited government part of that was based on a recognition that government always eventually oppresses the masses; yet government is needed for various reasons including protection of the masses; so limited government was implemented to protect the citizens from the government. It was also recognized that limited (small) government is desirable from an economic standpoint; because all government activity consumes resources but cannot create them.

We have a lot to thank our forefathers for. And that is why we celebrate Independence Day.

But this system of government has been under attack almost since its inception. Right now it is in the midst of the most pernicious and insidious attack ever, because this attack is coming from within. It is a war of ideas, perpetrated by those with statist, liberal, social (and socialist) agendas that do not stand up to comparison with the ideals of our system of government as defined by the Constitution of the United States. The people who are attacking our system are organized and many of them have been working towards this ideological goal for a lifetime.

On the other side of the arena are those of us who think the founding fathers pretty much got it right. In my case at least, I have mostly been oblivious to this orchestrated attack, until 9/112001; on that date I started paying attention to politics and world news. And what I found, when I started paying attention, greatly disturbed me.

We are on the verge of losing this war. Specifically because we have not been paying attention to what our elected officials have been doing to us. Like me, in the first 48 years of my life, I just assumed that everything was peachy keen and I didn’t pay any attention to politics and history. When I did start paying attention, I realized just how twisted up things had become through our lack of attention.

We, the people, should be using the Constitution of the United States as our yardstick to judge the actions of our elected representatives in the government. And we need to kick out any elected official that deviates from it. And they need to fire any non-elected official that deviates from it. And we need to review every law on the books for compliance with the intent of the constitution and repeal any that don’t measure up.

Redistribution of wealth? I don’t see that one in there anywhere.

Government intervention in health care? Not there.

Legislating from the bench, as liberal judges do? Unconstitutional!

Government control of private companies and industries? Nope.

EPA allowed to issue mandates that amount to a cap and trade tax? Only the Congress and create taxes!

Picking and choosing which laws to enforce (i.e. immigration laws, and laws against voting place intimidation)? I don’t think so.

Using ad-hoc administrative rules to pass legislation that could not pass in a regular session of Congress? Never!

Representatives voting on bills based on what they can get, instead of the merits of the bill in question, or the clearly-expressed will of their constituents? Nada.

Government borrowing of many trillions of dollars to finance their liberal agenda spending spree, and thereby locking us into high taxation for the next three or four generations? This not only isn’t in the Constitution, we should be bringing those responsible up on charges – they should be in jail for malfeasance in office!

I could go on and on and on. It is a freaking long list.

We need to vote out every incumbent in either party that is up for a vote in November. ALL of them. We need to put new people in who understand and vote according to the intent of the Constitution – and the will of the American people.

It is up to us. In November – Remember!


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