Obama, We’ve About Had Enough of You!

Come ON, Obama!

Enough with your left-wing agenda! You need to concentrate on the important things!

Number 1: the economy.
Number 2: the oil spill.
Number 3: close the borders.

This is NOT the time for another one of your freaking agenda items. We don’t need amnesty, and we don’t need ‘reform’ in the guise of another 2000 page bill that nobody has read. Where immigration is concerned, just close the border – vigorously.

Beyond that, why don’t you just sit down and shut up and try real hard not to make things worse than you already have.

We Have Had Enough!

Sorry; I had to get that off my chest. I just read about Obama’s new push for “immigration reform” and it just wigged me out a bit. He needs to stop using problems as a means of implementing liberal agendas. Period. Full Stop.

Addendum: Obama said, in his speech today: “Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth, it’s a matter of faith…”

Funny, I always thought I was a U.S. Citizen because A) I was born here and B) so were my parents. Obama is supposed to be a lawyer; you’d think he would understand this concept.


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One Response to Obama, We’ve About Had Enough of You!

  1. J.P. Douglas says:

    “Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth, it’s a matter of faith…” – Then we can just seal the border and everyone can close their eyes and believe they are Americans. Problem solved. They also have to make sure though every April 15th to send their tax payments in. That’s what REAL Americans do!

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