Obama’s Oil Spill Incompetence

Obama is supposedly all in favor of international cooperation, yet when offered free of charge to have Dutch oil skimmers come to skim oil from the BP oil spill the gulf, they were turned away! These ships have a much higher processing capacity than our own.

Read the article at Bayou Renaissance Man, for the details.

This oil spill need not have been the disaster it is.

Obama’s administration excuse is that these skimmers violated a couple of useless rules that have no validity in this situation.

Obama won’t bend on a law or regulation in this kind of situation, yet he refuses to enforce our immigration laws.

We need to impeach Obama for malfeasance in office, and incompetence. He has personally turned a problem into a catastrophe. His motivation? Most likely, to protect union jobs!

What about the jobs of all those who depend on the Gulf of Mexico for their livelihood?


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