Party of NO

I keep seeing some commenters on other blogs referring to the Republicans as the “party of NO”.

These commenters are missing the point: “NO” is the correct response when you have a radical ideologue in charge in the white house, and a liberal congress.

The Republicans are saying NO.

NO to the insane, uncontrolled spending.

NO to not having a budget.

NO to social engineering from the White House.

NO to reducing our military capability.

NO to bowing and scraping to foreign leaders.

NO to an apologetic, whimpering foreign policy.

NO to alienating our allies and embracing our enemies.

NO to liberal infiltration and control of our government.

NO to socialism of any stripe.

NO to illegal immigration.

NO to the failure to close our borders and protect our people from foreign invasion.

NO to Cap and Trade.

NO to federal government takeover of health care.

NO to nationalizing of businesses.

NO to bailouts.

Seems to me that NO is the correct response – to almost everything this administration has done.


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