If Bobby Jindal Were President

If Bobby Jindal were president, I would bet the Gulf Coast Oil Disaster would have gotten immediate and complete attention of the government, judging by his activities of the last couple of months. Jindal seems to be a guy who knows a problem when he sees it, and reacts vigorously.

However, Jindal isn’t president; and instead, we have a union-protectionist president that won’t waive the Jones Act of 1920 to allow foreign skimmer-ships to help capture the oil. Note that this is the same law that President Bush waived, in the wake of Katrina. Now, the coast guard has made similar equipment sit unused while they verify life preservers and fire extinguishers.

Also, Obama’s administration dragged their feet on issuing approval for the artificial sand bars that Jindal is trying to put in place to protect the wetlands. Shucks, it seems as if it took Obama a solid month to notice there was a problem.

Obama appears to actually be obstructing efforts to minimize and recover from the damage. Or at the least, he is allowing these obstructions to occur. Oh, but Obama did create a commission or two, and appointed a ‘Czar’. (Heavy sarcasm here.)

I’m not sure what to think of these things. Is it stupidity? Incompetence? Laziness? Obliviousness? Indifference? Or perhaps is it that Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama (and Texas!) were red states in the 2008 election?

After all, we know that the states that got the most TARP bailout money were blue states.

That’s an interesting thought…

Frankly, I’m not sure what to think about this. If you once think someone is doing evil by intent, you start seeing evil in everything that person does. I’m not above being a victim of this kind of thinking, although I do consciously try to avoid it. Nonetheless, the above information is factual. Judge for yourself.


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