No More Agendas!

Next time around, let’s try electing a president who does not have any particular agenda. Obama seems to have come into office with the idea that he is going to mutate the U.S. into some sort of liberal, socialist fantasy-land, and he doesn’t care how many people he has to hurt to do it.

With the economy in crisis, Obama’s top priority was ObamaCare. He clearly didn’t care if you would have a job next week, but he is doggone sure going to have the government control your health care.

With oil flooding the gulf, Obama’s top priority seems to be his cap and trade tax, rather than plugging the hole.

ObamaCare and Cap & Trade – neither of them has an actual purpose that is the same as their avowed purpose. Both of them actually do other things than what they are supposed to do.

All because Obama seems to have a radical environmentalist, socialist, and frankly, anti-American agenda. And he clearly doesn’t care if you eat and pay your bills, as long as he gets his agenda passed. He has set up conditions so radically bad that I have wondered if his actual intent is to destroy this country once and for all, economically. Because he is darn close to doing that.

Obama didn’t take this job to do the freaking job – he took the job so he could try to change the U.S. into something else. He doesn’t seem to be interested in doing his actual job, and meeting his actual, you know, responsibilities. He refuses to control the borders, he cripples our ability to fight terrorists, he reduces our ability to protect ourselves militarily, he does his best to ruin our relationships with our foreign allies, he’s not interested in oil spills – until the public pressure is on.

At best, he’s a clown. At worst, he is actually trying to destroy us. The jury is still out, but it’s just about got to be one or the other.

We need to do our best to ham-string Obama in November, by voting Republican or Tea Party, and perhaps we can limit the damage for the next two years. Then, in 2012 we can kick Obama & Co. out. Like cauterizing a wound to stop gangrene.

No more agendas. Let’s just hire somebody to do the freaking job. And clean up the awful mess Obama is going to leave us. I’m sure that will take the rest of my life, and probably most of yours.


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  1. JonDecker says:

    It was suggested that I come read this post… now I see why. I find myself questioning the obviously lack of logic in the political scene quite often. I haven’t been keeping abreast of it all as I should, but I really hope that BP is picking up the tab for any expenditures planned for clean-up. Our economy can’t handle another money drain.
    You’d like the graphic I slapped together for my response to ‘bama’s oil speech.
    It jumped the shark for my blog though.

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