Economic Impact

We are almost universally vilifying BP oil for the negligence and/or bad policies that resulted in the Gulf Oil Disaster. Deservedly.

Leaving aside the ecological damage for the moment, I’d like to consider the economic impact alone for a moment.

BP deserves every bit of the condemnation they are receiving for the economic impact alone. Now, why aren’t we vilifying our own congress and administration for their economic impact, which is obscenely higher than the likely total economic impact on the gulf?

The Gulf Oil Disaster is estimated (by this particular article) to be billions. I haven’t seen a number as high as a trillion dollars estimated, so far, anyway, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit $1 trillion dollars.

Obama’s economic impact is, if not thwarted, around $1 TRILLION dollars EVERY SINGLE YEAR FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS. At least. And that is if everything goes right!

The Gulf Oil Disaster will be paid for (hopefully) by BP oil.

What is being done to us by Obama & Co. is going to come directly out of our pockets.

Just to put it in perspective.


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