Obama’s Energy Policy

Tonight, it is expected that Obama will use the BP oil spill in the Gulf as a justification for his push for ‘green’ energy sources. And, he may even be justified in doing so, to some extent; although, in a bit over 150 years, our country has been well served by the oil industry. As they say, “One ‘Oh, crap! cancels out 10,000 ‘Atta-boys!’”.

However, it is not an easy thing to change to alternate energy sources. The biggest problem is that none of these ‘green’ alternate sources are mature enough to compete economically with oil. If they were, you could go down and buy a car powered by an alternate for the same price you would pay now for a gasoline powered car, and it would cost you the same for fuel. ADDENDUM: A hydrogen powered car would start at a bit over twice the price of my 2009 pickup truck.

So, I expect that Obama will use this oil spill to justify his push for his Cap & Trade tax. The purpose of this tax is to raise the cost of conventional oil, gas and coal powered energy, in order to make the ‘green’ energy sources more attractive economically.

Obama intends to force we, the people, to pay much more for most of our energy, to conform to his ecological agenda.

This is not as simple as paying more on just your electric bill. You will pay significantly more for electricity, for fuel for any purpose, and you will pay more for everything you need to exist that gets delivered by truck, train or plane.

This will be an artificial hardship on all of us, induced directly by Obama’s policies. If you are struggling to make it now, or close to that, this will very likely push you over the edge into insolvency.

Obviously, this will apply to everyone, but it will hit the poor hardest. Remember Obama’s promise that if you make less than $250,000 per year, you would not pay any more in taxes? He lied.

It does not have to be that way. We have enough oil and gas reserves in this country to stop buying oil overseas, saving hundreds of billions of dollars every year; and to last us long enough to allow us to make an orderly transition, instead of going cold turkey.

If the government wants to do something useful in this area, it needs to:

  1. Open up drilling in the U.S., everywhere we own the resources. This saves us those hundreds of billions, and creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, giving real, instant relief to our economic crisis.
  2. License more nuclear plants and oil refineries, and streamline regulation while maintaining oversight.
  3. Start a ‘Manhatten Project’ to incubate development of economically feasible alternate energy technologies, so that we can make an orderly and economically sound transition to them.

We will eventually have to make this transition away from oil, because there is only so much of it; but it does NOT have to destroy our economy in the process.

And make no mistake about it – Cap and Trade will be the most oppressive tax ever levied on us. The U.S. is teetering on the edge, financially; this may well be enough to push us over.

Obama’s plan is going to hurt most of us…


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