Typical Democrat Thinking

Looks like Nancy Pelosi, the consummate liberal democrat, is showing how it’s done: since the public is paying for it, she gives herself a nice upgrade in office quarters. Really, really nice.

Since they can just reach out and take it – they do. The fact that the government is spending WAY too much money, and the economy is in a shambles, doesn’t matter; it is available to her, so she takes it. Damn the cost! It’s not her money.

Probably ties right into the obscene amount spent by the Air Force to shuttle her back and forth between Washington and California, at her convenience, plus the $100,000 plus tax dollars spent for her two-year bar tab on those flights.

That’s showing fiscal discipline, Nancy! You show your fellow Democrats how it’s done!

And THAT is why we’re going to kick you out at the first opportunity. Or, at least one of the reasons.


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