Smiles! Everybody is Smiling!

Have you ever noticed how some politicians smile, even if somebody is gnawing on their leg?

There are many, but one that particularly bugs me is John McCain. Now, I admire John McCain, if not all of his views, so don’t get me wrong. But some time back in the early days of his political career, some well-meaning advisor told him to always smile. So he can be on TV, talking about the weightiest matters, and he will have this fake-looking smile pasted on his face, no matter what is said. I really do think this may have cost him the election in 2008.

It just plain looks unnatural. And this causes instant distrust.

Politicians, take note: Smile if you feel like smiling. Frown if you feel like frowning. Be natural. The worst thing you can do to your own career is to come across as dishonest – and wearing a smile you don’t own comes across as dishonest. Instantly.

Just some free advice from somebody on the sidelines.


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