Con the World

Obviously, Hamas and other terrorist groups and their sympathizers have tried to con the world with their attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. There’s a very good article at Power Line, with that hit video that lampoons the attempt.

Note one thing here: The flagrant attempt by the terrorists to make the Israelis out to be the bad guys here is shameful, but transparent. Yet, half the world believes them. You should be aware that any time anyone presents the news, if you are not getting all the facts, you are being manipulated into a certain viewpoint.

This is why the shameful record of the main stream media is so very shameful. We have trusted them for most of my life to present the news – all the news – factually and without distortion. And they have failed miserably to deserve that trust.

The way the news media handled the Israeli embargo incident is one example. Obama’s campaign for President is another. The major news outlets refused to look into his background, and therefore the public did not know what they were getting when they voted for him.

The only defense against this is to find out everything you can about anything you are interested in. If somebody says something negative about somebody, try to find out if the truth is being told. Judge on the facts, not on others opinions. It’s hackneyed, but – Seek the Truth, for the Truth will Set You Free.

Because when you judge solely on the basis of another’s opinion, you are abdicating your ability to exercise your own will.

And that is a shame.


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