More Money Down a Rathole

Now Obama is asking for another $50 billion dollars to give away. This is all of a sudden an ‘emergency’. What happened to that ‘road to recovery’ that he’s been telling us we’re on? Time for some federal employees to be laid off, says I. Why are all the layoffs happening only in the private sector? And, why do federal employees make around 20% more than people doing equivalent jobs in the private sector?

Obama seems to have only one strategy to deal with any problem: throw our money at it, and tax us more.

On a similar subject, there’s the ObamaCare bill, the one which the democrats claim makes economic sense. The democrats pulled a number of accounting tricks to get the CBO to score it positively so they could claim it made economic sense. One of those numerous tricks was to leave in place the 21% scheduled cut to reimbursements to Medicare providers, for the purpose of scoring with the CBO. That cut went into effect on June 1.

Now, Obama wants to paint Republicans as evil because they don’t want to rescind that 21% cut. The money saved by that cut was to be applied to ObamaCare. Now, Obama is pointing out all the doctors that will no longer see Medicare patients, and all the patients that won’t be able to get care, and he is trying to blame this on the Republicans – who only want honesty in accounting.

This is the kind of bate-and-switch accounting that Obama does. He tells the American people that ObamaCare will be deficit neutral if he, among other things, counts on the automatic 21% cut going into effect on time; then he wants to prevent the 21% cut from going into effect. He figured the public wouldn’t even notice. He figured the Republicans would be afraid to make him honor his commitment, for fear of public backlash. This was part of his strategy from the beginning.

This represents many billions of dollars that are not in the budget, and that we will have to pay for, if the cut is rescinded.

This represents yet another big lie told by Obama. He’s a liar. But we knew that by now, didn’t we?

Thanks to Fox News and Hot Air for the information. If you want to know what’s going on, these are two sources to keep an eye on.


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