Ain’t He Cute?

Ain’t Obama cute when he gets tough?

Obama has read the polls and watched TV, so now he’s talking about ‘kicking ass’ at BP. Obama always has his eyes on public opinion. There have been multiple terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, some successful, on Obama’s watch.

President Bush, on the other hand, was not worried about public opinion – he simply did the best job he could to keep us safe from terrorists, for which effort the liberals and liberal media – which is most of it – hung him out to dry.

But Bush allowed ZERO attacks on U.S. soil in his term following 9/11. Seven years – no attacks. Obama: 1 1/2 years – four attacks, one killing 13 people.

Yesterday, two men were killed on the (unsecured) border with Mexico, on U.S. soil. After Obama sent his 1200 book-keepers to the border.

Yep, Obama is tough, all right. Snort.


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