Above the Law

First Sestak, now Romanoff.

Not one, but two instances (so far) of someone high up in the administration apparently illegally tampering with elections by trying to buy off candidates by offering jobs.

In the case of Sestak, the administration has sand-bagged every attempt to find out the details – what specific jobs, how many conversations, with who, when, etc.. Then, they finally make an announcement the day after Obama has a nice private chat with former President Clinton. Do you suppose Clinton even knew this was going on, before that conversation? All this sand-bagging makes this administration, including Obama, look as guilty as sin.

Notice that I haven’t accused anybody of anything; I’m just saying this is how it looks to a farm-boy computer nerd in Texas.

But either it is a massive red herring engineered by the White House – or it is a crime, being obscured by the White House. It has to be one or the other.

Although he is a lawyer, and a former Senator, and now President, it is becoming clear that Obama only sees the law as something to be gotten around, in spite of the various oaths he has sworn in the course of becoming a Senator, then President.

If Eric Holder and Obama were honest men, they would be at the top of the list requiring an investigation into the Sestak event, and now Romanoff, even though it will certainly lead into the administration. But instead of doing that, they sandbag attempts to learn what really happened.

IF Obama is innocent of any wrongdoing regarding Sestak, he should have insisted on an immediate investigation in order to clear the White House of any possible wrongdoing. The fact that he didn’t do that is a very strong indicator of guilt.

Yet another example of the most transparent, most ethical government ever!


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