Israeli Blockade of Gaza

Israel is blockading Gaza specifically to keep them from getting their hands on rockets and other military hardware. Because Hamas uses rockets to attack Israel. That seems logical enough.

The idea that this little flotilla was a bunch of pacifist protesters simply trying to make a point, simply vanishes in light of the way they ambushed the Israelis. With pieces of pipe, and knives. The Israeli force was peaceful, going in. They did have sidearms but were carrying paint-ball guns to keep from actually hurting anyone. Nobody got shot until Israeli soldiers were already down from the unexpected attack, and lethal force had already been brought into the melee by the protestors.

The Israelis will let any aid supplies through just by asking. They only insist on being able to verify that weapons are not included.

It was a set-up. The Israelis are innocent of any wrongdoing.

It is interesting to listen to the various politicians, and note who is screaming the loudest to condemn Israel. In spite of the fact that hostilities were initiated by the “peaceful protestors”.


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  1. FWIW, I pretty much agree with this summation. 🙂

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