Angry in Texas

I am angry, and I have been angry for a while, and ultimately that is the reason for this blog.

I am angry at the politicians in Washington, past, present and future, who have no sense of honor, who do not keep promises they have made, and who say one thing while doing another. I am angry because they act as if their actions have no consequences for us, the people they nominally work for, while they spend money like water, and wine and dine, and play a lot of golf.

I am angry over corruption in high places, and the related cover-ups, as we appear to be seeing right now in the Sestak case. I am angry because they think we are so stupid that we will believe anything they say. There is nothing so frightening – or suspicious – as a politician that says “trust me!”. As Obama did, in this case.

I am angry that I am 56 years old, and I have been paying into social security for forty years, and now our illustrious government tells me that they can’t pay me back as promised. And I am angry that one of the solutions they are considering is to raise the retirement age. Buddy, I’ve been towing that rope all my life, and our so-called government makes social security like a carrot on a stick in front of a donkey; the donkey never quite gets the carrot. And I am angry because the b******s who were responsible for this used that money for other purposes and left I.O.U.’s in the vault. This is stealing, pure and simple, and I want my money back! I am so angry I’m shaking like a dog passing a peach seed. And I am here to tell you, that they had better find a way, or the U.S.A. will face the Revolt of the Old People. Who all vote, by the way.

I am angry at politicians who try to re-write history, as Obama is trying to do with his (lack of) handling of the gulf oil spill. I am angry at politicians who lie, and say they “mis-spoke”; as if that changes what they did. I am angry at news media that slants the news rather than delivering the facts – and all the facts. And that is almost all news media.

I am angry that politicians do not vote for bills based on the merit of the bill, but rather on the basis of what they can get for their vote. I am angry at politicians that bend the rules to get unpopular bills passed, and I am angry at politicians that do not vote the way their own constituents tell them to. I am angry at back-room deals and bought votes. I am angry at liberals who are all for the First Amendment, right up until you disagree with them, at which point they send in the SEIU goons. I am angry at every politician who helped pass ObamaCare.

I am angry that politicians have strayed so far from the intent of the Constitution of the United States. I am angry that many politicians think their job is to “rule”; when their actual job is to serve. I am angry at the arrogance of politicians, and in particular, the arrogance of Obama and Pelosi. I am angry at politicians such as these who think they know better than I do what is good for me.

I am angry at politicians who only enforce the laws that they want to enforce. I am angry at politicians past and present who have not controlled the borders and thereby have now created a serious problem that will be difficult to solve. I am angry at a government that fails to diligently investigate apparent crimes when it is politically inconvenient for them.

I am angry at politicians who want to give my tax money to people and organizations who do not deserve it, and then have the temerity to raise taxes on me. I am angry at politicians whose solution to every problem is to raise taxes on somebody. And I am angry at politicians, Obama in particular, who say “No new taxes on anybody that makes less than $250,000 a year” and then turns around and taxes businesses, as if we consumers do not end up paying those taxes. I am angry at politicians who claim to think that taxing a business will not cost consumers more.

I am angry at politicians who want to do social engineering instead of doing their jobs. Obama in particular. Obama knows that in reality his agenda represents perhaps 20% of the population, yet he wants to inflict it on all of us, against our will. This makes me angry. I am seriously angry at Obama, who has pursued his own agenda when there were serious problems that should have had his attention, such as the economy and jobs.

I am angry at politicians who are in favor of cap and trade, a bill that ostensively is to fight “global warming” which is based on unproven science, which will be massively damaging to the economy, and which will make a difference in world temperature of about 0.25 degrees in fifty years.

I am angry at any politician who supports the idea of a one-world government. As Obama has stated that he does.

I am angry at politicians who think they need jet planes to fly around in, and the most expensive food and luxuries, and the trappings of royalty, when the people they reputedly “serve” must do with far, far less. Many are guilty of this, but Pelosi comes to mind. I have to ask, why do these people need these things to do their jobs? And no good answer comes to mind. And I am angry.

I am angry at politicians who promise “transparency” and “ethical” and instead deliver obfuscation and shady dealing.

I am angry at being lied to.

I am angry.


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  1. Tad Kubic says:

    All I can say is Amen to your comments. You speak for a lot of us.

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