Obama’s Record So Far

It turns out the 1200 troops that Obama is sending to the border are unarmed, and their job will be to “review and analyze” intelligence, he said, and will interact with people crossing the border.

What a joke. Obama clearly has no intention of actually solving this problem.

Any more than he solved unemployment.
Or is keeping Iran getting access to nuclear weapons.
Or is applying enough “persuasion” to keep North Korea from getting nasty.
Or has helped in any way to correct the oil mess in the Gulf.
Or has stabilizing the economy and made it robust again.
Or is stopping terrorists before they strike.

Instead, all he’s done is:
Pass ObamaCare, a bill that almost 70% of the population want repealed.
Increase taxes, especially in the near future.
Increase federal spending exponentially.
Increase the federal debt incredibly.
Weaken the United States militarily.
Weaken the United States diplomatically.
Made agreements with other countries that are detrimental to our best interests.
Broken promise after promise.
Protected all kinds of shady dealings, from Sestak to those Black Panthers at the polling place.
Played a lot of golf.

Not to mention:
He wants to pass cap & trade even though the science is unproven, the benefits marginal at best, and the financial burden incredible.

Obama and his administration hasn’t done one thing yet that helps this country, and he’s done a great deal to harm it.


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