New International Order?

From Fox News:

Now, Obama wants to create a “New International Order” – possibly giving up some of the United State’s sovereignty to do it. He would have to, to do some of the things he mentioned:

  • Stronger international standards and institutions
  • “Resolve” terrorism
  • and nuclear proliferation
  • and climate change
  • and economic decline.
  • More humanitarian assistance to needy nations (that is, more wealth redistribution – globally)
  • Better communications among intelligence agencies
  • Law enforcement that can strengthen judicial systems abroad and protect us at home.

James Carafano of the Cato Institute states that Obame “… thinks diminished American power and independence in the world actually is a force for good.”

You can bet that Obama will get all sorts of international help to carry out his goals. It’s not often that your biggest competitor just turns belly up and lets you win. There are lots of countries that would love to see it.

Frankly, this particular speech of Obama’s creeps me out.

First off, I vehemently disagree with every single bit of it. America has been generally safe for generations because we are strong – and now Obama wants to tear that down. Obama is actively working against us.

Second, like it or not, I am proud of this country, and I categorically reject any move to reduce our sovereignty. We, as a nation, are beholden to no man, and bowing to foreign kings is not correct behavior for an American citizen.

Third, guess who’s going to pay for that “humanitarian assistance” and the rest of it?

And, last, some of you are going to scoff and roll your eyes at this one. Feel free; it is your privilege – either you believe the Bible or you don’t:

I am a Christian. Biblical prophecy, as certain people have interpreted it, says that there will be a One World Government in the end times, and the man who brings it about will become the antichrist 42 months into his reign. Up to now, I had disregarded the occasional suggestion that Obama might be this person, because there was no indication of anything like this possibly being in the works.

Now there is.

Frankly, I am skeptical. But, I may have to entertain the possibility, because of what I know. You ignore the Bible at your peril. So, I’ll be watching to see how this plays out.


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One Response to New International Order?

  1. Paul Hinman says:

    No, I will not scoff. There are well over 450 Bible prophesies already fulfilled. With such a track record, only those who are trying to deceive, will discount end time prophesy. Whoever, or whatever, Obama is, I believe he has been groomed for such a time as this since childhood. You are accurate in your ‘belly up’ analogy, it is fitting for a commander in chief who appears willing to trade America’s sovereignty for world political posturing. Such a person would consider America no more than acceptable collateral damage, to establish a world oligarchy. B.P.

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