A Step in Handling Illegal Immigrants

First off, let me state that I have nothing against any Hispanic. My reasons for rejecting illegal aliens is that they represent a drain on resources that aren’t theirs, just like when your out-of-work cousin shows up with his family to live with you, uninvited. Anybody from Mexico that goes through our legally established immigration program is welcome here as far as I am concerned. Those that don’t – are, at the least, uninvited – and criminal by definition.

Back to my observation: The majority of people who object to the Arizona immigration law don’t live in Arizona.

Now, ICE is saying they may not process illegals referred to them by Arizona. This is willful dereliction of duty and violation of law, and if true, the head of ICE should be fired.

The obvious solution to this is for Arizona to catch all the illegals they can, and ship them to Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Washington DC. I can’t wait to see if these people who protest Arizona law change their tunes when half a million illegal aliens are on their front porches instead of down here along the border. They think they want them. Let them take care of them.

It’s easy to be critical when you aren’t the one that has to deal with the problem. It is for darn sure the federal government is not dealing with it.


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