A Little Help, Here?

Let’s be very honest about this. We have a situation where around half a million illegal aliens are in Arizona alone. The border states all carry the brunt of this load, but it is particularly acute in Arizona at present. Obviously, this represents problems on several fronts; financial, crime, drugs, law enforcement, jail, medical, housing, property values, etc. to name a few.

The illegals in Arizona and other border states represent just as much a crisis to those states as Katrina did to Louisiana. It is a crisis of resources, and the federal government has been derelict in fulfilling its obligations for many years.

This is, in point of fact, an invasion of the sovereign United States of America. By infiltration.

The Governor of Arizona has publicly pleaded with President Obama for relief, and so far, Obama has turned a cold shoulder, refusing even to reply to or converse with her at all.

This event more than any other so far shows me the caliber of person that President Obama is. He does not care to protect the citizens of the United States against outside invasion – and that is what it is – an invasion. And Obama isn’t worth the scum in my septic tank, as far as I am concerned, for his failure in this. This is intentional and public dereliction of duty by the highest authority in the land, and Obama should be impeached for this.


Control the Border.


Figure out what to do with the illegals that are already here.

After all, that is what the federal government is for: to take care of things the individual states should not have to handle alone.



And above all, do NOT give them the right to vote for at least ten years, if amnesty is ultimately offered. This removes the political motivation for simple amnesty. Because that is the most likely reason that liberals really want these people here, now; they think they can influence the next elections to keep the liberals in power in Washington. That may be why Obama is telling so many outright lies about the Arizona law. He wants to turn it into a human rights issue, because he calculates that this will help amnesty get passed.

And finally, anti-illegal immigrant is NOT racist. The facts above would be true no matter who was doing the invading. Anybody that says it is racist is trying to pull that string, to manipulate people’s emotions. I truly hate all such manipulation – and those that employ it. If you accuse somebody of being a racist, you should have proof.

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