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Issue After Issue

Have you noticed that, on issue after issue, Obama and his administration are ignoring the will of the majority of the people? It’s no wonder the Tea Party is growing – Obama is their biggest recruiter. Bailouts; ObamaCare; Cap & … Continue reading

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A Little Help, Here?

Let’s be very honest about this. We have a situation where around half a million illegal aliens are in Arizona alone. The border states all carry the brunt of this load, but it is particularly acute in Arizona at present. … Continue reading

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A Step in Handling Illegal Immigrants

First off, let me state that I have nothing against any Hispanic. My reasons for rejecting illegal aliens is that they represent a drain on resources that aren’t theirs, just like when your out-of-work cousin shows up with his family … Continue reading

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How Texas Handles Bureaucrats!

Go read this article over at Bayou Renaissance Man about how Texas handles bureaucratic nonsense. Makes me proud to be a Texan. -Popgun

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