I Read It!

Unlike Eric Holder, Napolitano, (and probably Obama), I actually read Arizona SB1070 amended by HB2162; it took me about half an hour; it’s 13 pages long in this final version. So I have joined the Fox News team in being among the few people in the nation who have actually read this bill.

There is nothing in this law that, in my opinion, would lead to profiling, or that conflicts with federal law so far as I am aware. If those cops are profiling (which I doubt), they were going to do it anyway – and this law explicitly makes it illegal. In point of fact, an illegal who can demonstrate that he was a victim of profiling could sue and use this law to his own benefit.

It is absolutely clear to me that the liberals, including this administration, are stirring this up – for political purposes. By spreading misinformation and outright lies about this law. They are simply misrepresenting what this law allows and requires. Intentionally.

As a footnote, I notice that this law makes it illegal to knowingly hire or transport an illegal alien in Arizona. There was some critic being interviewed on Fox last night who wants law enforcement to go after the employers of Illegals rather than the illegals themselves, the thinking being to remove their motivation for being here. This law does that.


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  1. TheOtherLarry says:

    I don’t believe for a second that Obama and his ilk haven’t read the Arizona law, but they can’t admit it. If they admit that they have read it, they would then be forced to admit that it is virtually the same as the federal law that is not being enforced.

    “Plausible deniability”

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