Don’t Hyperventilate!

Now, don’t hyperventilate.

Gary Pierce, a commissioner on the Arizona Corporation Commission, did not actually threaten to cut off the power to Los Angeles, regardless of the various headlines. Go read the text of his letter.

He merely invited Los Angeles, which has implemented an economic boycott of Arizona, to go whole hog, if they’ve got the cojones to do it: that is, if LA wants to economically boycott Arizona, they need to quit buying power from Arizona, too. No picking and choosing – if you’re going to boycott somebody, go whole hog!

The message to Los Angeles is simply that, if they have the gumption to stick to their convictions, they need to turn the lights off rather than use Arizona power.

My guess is, those gutless wonders in Los Angeles won’t sacrifice their comfort to support their convictions.

And all of this, because the liberals have a specific goal. They want to try to use this situation to get a general amnesty of illegals passed. Why? Because most of the illegals will vote Democrat. And if they can pull this off in the next few months, it may change the balance of voting power in the United States. It is nothing less than wholesale manipulation of the population to achieve a political goal.

To all you illegal immigrants out there: how does it feel to be manipulated by your liberal friends?


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