Critical Thought

O.K., Eric Holder criticizes the Arizona immigration law, then admits he hasn’t read it.

Now, after being critical of the bill, Napolitano admits that she hasn’t read it either.

ObamaCare was passed, without ANYBODY having read it.

These things do not build my confidence in the decision-making capability of our illustrious government.

I want people running things who A) know what they are talking about, B) know what they are voting for, and C) who vote based on the merits of whatever bill is being voted on.

We send those people to Washington to represent us. When they vote according to political strategy, party line, or bribes, then they are not doing what we are paying them to do. When they talk about political subjects without doing the appropriate research, they are not doing what we are paying them to do. And we need to kick them out, and get our country back.


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