O.K., I’m a Sometimes Geek

I recently bought a SCOTTeVEST, which I am liking pretty well so far. It’s somewhat cooler (temperature-wise) than my 5.11 tactical vest, and it has 22 pockets. Anyhow, due to an odd set of circumstances, I found myself with the need to carry an Ethernet cat5 patch cable the other day. So I rolled it up and stuck it in the vest.

So, for a little while, if a silver Rolls Royce had pulled up beside my Chevy pickup truck, and the rear window had rolled down, and an obviously rich older British gentleman had asked “Pardon me, do you happen to have an Ethernet cat5 patch cable on you?”, I could have said “Why, yes!” and passed it over.

O.K., I thought it was funny.


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2 Responses to O.K., I’m a Sometimes Geek

  1. TheOtherLarry says:

    You’re not a true geek unless you also have a #0 flip-shaft screwdriver with a Cisco logo on the handle in the same pocket.


  2. JonDecker says:

    … and I wondered where J got his humor from…

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