NYC Car Bomber

Reference John Lott’s excellent blog, about the NYC Car Bomber:

“He is Muslim of Pakistani heritage with dual citizenship in the United States, a registered Democrat in the state of Connecticut who may be an Obama donor. He was recently naturalized as a U.S. citizen under the Obama administration’s lenient open door policy.” . . .

Is anybody surprised this guy is Muslim?

How many terrorist attacks and attempts have NOT been by Muslims?

Make of it what you will. I would never promote the idea of arresting someone simply because they are Muslim. But I would suggest that Muslims should perhaps be scrutinized a bit more closely than everybody else, when watching out for this sort of thing? Purely logically speaking?

I want my readers to understand that I am NOT prejudiced against Muslims. I would not have any problems having Muslims for friends, and in fact that might be very interesting. I bet we could have some fascinating discussions. All I am saying is that common sense dictates that when one group produces the majority of threats, that’s the group you spend the most time watching.

Not all snakes are poisonous. When you are walking through the woods and find a snake at your feet, your first reaction is to jump back – exhibit caution – until you have ascertained that it is in fact a non-poisonous variety.

There are two conflicting desires here. One is to protect yourself from being bitten. The other is to not harm the snake unless necessary. However, protecting yourself is a lot higher priority than protecting the snake; so you jump back, to ensure your own safety. This should not offend the snake.

Political correctness gets this backwards. Political correctness says it is wrong to assume the snake might bite you. This faulty idea is contra-survival.

Political correctness kills people. Getting this wrong is what happened at Fort Hood when Hasan was allowed to be in the military even though he was known (by his superiors) to be corresponding with a radical imam. The investigation has been shrouded in secrecy by the Obama administration, for reasons unclear. But it appears that he was not isolated as a threat primarily because the people that who should have been blowing the whistle failed to do so – to avoid the appearance of prejudice against a Muslim. Thirteen people dead and thirty wounded.


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